Wednesday, 23 April 2008

falling behind

I am really trying hard to catch up with allllll thiiiissssss petttttyyyy, littttllllleeee things that happened during my trip to Poland, work is allll aroundddd meeeeee and even though Winter is gone I feel sleeeeppppyyyyy.
So to drag myself out of this trauma I am posting few new and old sketches.I've stopped yesterday evening at our local park and saw this memorial. Haven't finished sketching it (pencil 5B) as I was in a hurry to do some shopping and it was getting late anyway. I forgot my Pitt Pen so had to use pencil, strange feeling but I've noticed an improvement:) hurrrrreeeeyyyyy
this (old) sketch I've done from a book, but although I was quite happy with it, there is nothing like sketching from life, not copying someone else's pictures or drawings. I felt like fraud and it doesn't do any good to my self esteeme. It's better for me to do this small, not so perfect, sketches of my own:) and people still want to see them:)) not that bad after all:)

my suitcase just before the trip and a few people on the airport. There is a weight limit on the Wizzair airlines 20 kg. It seems like my suitcase is programmed to carry 20kg or more. No matter if I am going or coming back...always 20 or more:) Unfortunately I haven't been able to shop for art supplies in Poland although more and more often I find prices almost the same as in much for cheap shopping in Poland.
last sketch...a tauch of colour:)
that's it I am tired again...:)


Alan said...

It's always hard to get to routine when you travel. The sketches are nice. Soon you will be back to your old self dancing and jumping for joy.

no way said...

I like the suitcase and the medicine (?) And I agree with you about drawing from life vs. photos, although it is sometimes necessary to work from a photo. Take care-Becky

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