Wednesday, 30 April 2008

EDM # 53 Draw a mouth & EDM #64 Draw your sink & Monday Evening classes

a sketch (charcoal) on Monday morning. The idea was to try not to remove your stick from the paper and just move it along, stressing and pressing where the objects where and then just smugging and working on the effects.
I also received a very good lesson in what I really was doing, I mean, it was supposed to be loose and free sketch, self-expression. Instead I focused on proportions. I tend to misunderstand the subject or idea...
EDM #53 "Draw a mouth" (didn't manage to journal about holding my tongue)
EDM #63 "Draw your sink"

Last one is just a sketch from a book (one of my how to draw books)


simplyred said...

Great sketches! I especially like the sketches of the sinks. They are well-done and very, very interesting. Love them.

Ms. Ernie

Margaret Ann said...

Oooh! These sketches are great! I have great difficulty working with charcoal...guess my touch isnj't light enough...I thought yours looked good.

I really really like the mouth and lips study...I had never seen or been taught to imagine a cylinder when drawing the mouth...What a n awesome teaching tool that is...Thanks for sharing! :)

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