Thursday, 24 April 2008

EDM 27 Draw a book & EDM 36 Draw in Public

EDM 27 "Draw a book"
People always kill the things they love...

"And each man kills the thing he loves,
By all let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man with a sword." (from "the valkyries" Paulo Coelho)

maybe realising this will help me understand why is it so hard to allow my dreams to come true. I am affraid, I am afraid to be happy...because I might not deserve it.
when I was younger people used to made me feel quilty that I am more lucky then they were. That I didn't have to study and learn toooo much to get good grades. Lucky...doesn't mean happy. But what made me happy was the fact I didn't caused too much trouble and I could get along with my friends.
Now what makes me happy is getting along with people not taking sides in unnecessary arguments caused by egos and stubborness.
Now, I feel that I don't deserve to be happy because it's just seems not right. All this people around me suffering, not happy...not satisfied... - that's why the closer I am to fulfill any of my dreams the more dangerous my self sabotage appears to be.

EDM 36 "Draw in public"


Alan said...

There are no simple answers to the state of mind we find ourselves in. We can't undo yesterday, we don't yet have tomorrow. That leaves today. We live today by seizing it. We live today treating others as if we do have tomorrow. Kindness to others that are suffering. We should not let our fears hold us back. Sounds simple. I live each day without too much worry, but I have the great advantage of 2 beautiful little grandchildren that I get to spoil endlessly. They give me great joy. I live today by making choices that hopefully will make their lives richer and fuller. Be of good cheer my friend.

simplyred said...

We do NOT always kill the things we love. We nurture and cherish the things we love. Just because a poet said it, it doesn't make it true. We just have to count ourselves among the things we love and then we can nurture and cherish ourselves. Love yourself and your life and you will have more love to give to others. Add a "joy" journal to your daily routine, making a note of something that makes you happy right now, and you will start to banish those negative thoughts that have becomes habits. And like any habit, they can be banished.

Ok, I'm off my soapbox now. But I do understand, this is a lesson I've had to learn myself.

Ms. Ernie

Irene said...

All those gloomy people around you are concentrating on their "glass half empty." They pull the rest of the world down. Be an example of rejoicing in the "glass half full" and enjoy whatever in your life makes you happy. You will automatically make the world a better, more pleasing place, and people will be drawn to you and your joy, and want to know what your secret is. (It's practically your DUTY to be as joyful as you possibly can!)

No more of this guilt! Enjoy! I send you a Big Warm Hug, and hope you can feel it all around you!

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