Monday, 28 April 2008

EDM# 164 "Draw a camera" & EDM# 39 "Draw your toothbrush" & EDM# 49 (1/2) Draw your refrigerator exterior and what's on the door"

Saturday was lovely. Warm, sunny, almost SUMMER TIME!! We had a little busy weekend, cutting doors to fit my new carpets'’ thicknessJ , viewing houses, shopping, etc.

I am glad I’ve managed to sketch a little.
ok, and a something exterior of my refridgerator.

Now, I got a little discouraged today. I saw drawings as real as photographs and I know they were drawn. I wish I could draw as good and then something happend which I didn't experience in a while. My ego told me to stop drawing.
Instead of putting myself down, I am going to use this drawings to learn, and improve. Progress - not perfection!!!

1 comment:

PamYla said...

Wow all awesome arts! The top of your fridge reminds me of my own :)

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