Friday, 25 April 2008

EDM# 152 "Draw a nut"

hurrey, I've managed to draw another challenge EDM# 152 "Draw a nut". I've posted nuts once but it wasn't on EDM challenge list at that time. would be cheating!!! :) the whole point of challenges is to sketch them as they appear - not using old drawings:) easy to say. Even if it sucks (I mean new sketch) it doesn't matter as it just leads to pregress:)
so here it is EDM# 152 "Draw a nut"

while my stay in Poland I had a surgery on my left leg veins done. After I was asked to take 10 injections - to ensure better blood flow...which btw I have to do myself and take 1 pill a day of Phlebodia which is supposed to make my veins stronger.
So, as painful and uncomfortable injections are, I have them forever and ever in my sketchbook to remember...

there are only two left (today and tomorrow), so it's not that bad. I hope you can see that injection in in a plastic wrap, it's difficult to show it with watercolors...but an attampt has been made:)


Just because said...

You're back! How is my ancestral homeland? Can't tell you how many times I have dreamed of finding some small farm in the Polish countryside to disappear to. Guess I'm stuck in the U.S. for now, waiting for it to implode. Sorry to hear about your veins and the injections. I've heard that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I trust you're not dead so you must be stronger! Keep up the fight. It's not over until the breath is out of your body. Of course, you could argue that is when it REALLY starts.


simplyred said...

You have such a real talent for drawing. I really enjoy looking at your sketches. I hope someday mine will be as good.

You asked on my blog what the item was that I had photographed. Sorry, but I don't know what it is. I think it may be some sort of reflector but it is on an old, old truck that is rapidly decaying and I have no idea what the thing I photographed was used for!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog. And I look forward to seeing even more of your beautiful sketches.

Anita Davies said...

OUCH! Thanks God the injections are almost over.
I love your NUT sketches.

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