Friday, 4 April 2008

EDM# 13 & 165 (phone & front of my house:)

I am trying to catch up with challenges...please don't laugh I know I've got a way to go:))
The weather is just beautiful here in Mitcham. I feel much better now since days are longer. So here it is first challenge #13 - draw your telephone (cell).

It took me a while to attache this pictures!! It's realy annoying, waiting and waiting and it just seems that it takes ages!!!
EDM# 165!!! "front of your house" that one shows how much trouble I've got with perspective. I forget to measure things against other things...well at least I know where the problem is:)

I've noticed that the hardest thing for me is opening the sketchbook and thinking what to draw! Before I've started using watercolor for sketching daily, it was even worse. I was afraid to open my sketchbook as I didn't know what to draw so I ended up closing it and feeling so empty and useless for not being or doing what I realy always wanted to.
Empty sketchbook chased me for a few years. I was obsessed with drawing, I kept on thinking about drawing, but didn't have an idea what to draw, was too scared to draw badly.
Since I've joined EDM Group, it seems like my fear is not there any more although I still have this bad feeling every time I look at my sketchbook that I will fail to sketch...
Simple challenges like draw your keys, draw your camera, draw your phone make me feel more assured that I know why I am opening my sketchbook, so I am not terrified by the feeling of tabula rasa...
My inner critic still wants my challenges to "look as good as possible" so if sketch doesn't come out "nice" I just feel ashamed that I failed.
But then I think what Danny Gregory said, and the purpose of this drawings - Every Day Matters - so if I draw badly, in a few weeks time when I open the page I will know that I didn't have a good day, and I will remember that day. Otherwise this day will shift away to the box of thousands of bad days I've already had and forgotten.

I want to be a painter a good one, and my ego tells me that if I cannot draw well now, there is no point for me trying. So in order to follow my dreams I pick up a pen and sketch another building, tree, book etc.
The best thing about sketching daily is that sketches don't have to be perfect, they just are as I've sketched them. And I like them the next day even if I hated them while sketching. My inner critic might be laud but I won't let him push me into the corner and be afraid again!!

Thanks for stopping by:)


Alan said...

Your assignment for today is to have no fear. Go boldly forward. For me it is finding time some days. Nearly everything I work on for my day job has some deadline which often carries me past day's end. You did a fine job. Have no doubts.

PamYla said...
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PamYla said...

sorry my comment wasnt worded right.

Both of these are very nicely done. The lack of motivation certainly shouldn't come from thinking that there is a lack of talent! But, it is hard sometimes to think on what to do next or even where to start

Anetka said...

Alan, my day job takes so much energy away from me!! I just wish I had more time!!! But 15 min a day is better than nothing!
thank you for your comment:)

Nan said...

Anetka, I know where you're coming from. That feeling of potential failure is a hard one to overcome, but it just takes changing your mind. It helped me to remember that a sketch is just a sketch—it's meant to be a rough draft. There are so many talented people posting so many beautiful "sketches" that it is easy to get lost in the idea that they have to be well refined.

I also try to focus on the thrilling feeling of creating something that looks good.

Keep putting the pencil/pen/brush to paper!

Just because said...

I guess the question that remains to be answered is "who does your art need to be good enough for?" There is always a critic out there... someone who will jump on our work and tell us that the work (or we!) are no good. Or there is the critic inside of us who wants to tear us to pieces. Why is it easy to be so hard on yourself? Why does it take so little effort to get negative and down? Is that an artist's handicap? We want so badly to create yet we are so ready to look for the first whiff of defeat. Why do we do this to ourselves? And yet the answer is always the same: keep going, keep at it, don't worry what others say, don't worry about what the critic inside says. Maybe the mantra should be (and maybe the name for another blog) is KEEP GOING.

Sorry for rambling, but I hear your frustration and feel it too. I guess the answer is clear... do it just because.


Anonymous said...

I like both of these sketches, and I understand what you mean about being fearful, but the best antidote to that is drawing anyway! You're doing great!

Margaret Ann said...

Both your drawings...and your words have moved me...our minds must be in "artistic sync" truly wise and brave to follow your dreams...even if it means catching up to them here and there when life, or time, takes you on a different path. Your comment on my blog touched my heart. Your work and your spirit energizes me. :)

Lynn said...

Don't be discouraged, Anetka, you're drawing really well. And every day that you draw, you'll get a little better. If you search the web, you can find lots of sites that give prompts or challenges about what to draw. They can help with not knowing what to do when you open the sketchbook. Illustration Friday, Inspiration Thursday, and Wet Canvas can all help with ideas.

Linda said...

Wonderful drawings! I think the trick is to do what you've done -- just go for it!

lyn said...

First let me thank you for the comment on my blog 3 20 08. I have the same problem finding time for art, (or responding to blog entry) It can be frustrating. Your drawings are very nice I like the energy in you line, don't loose that in your search for "perfection". You are doing the right things by working on the figure and keeping sketchbooks with you for "minutes" of work. It all helps. Adding a little watercolor to drawings is worthwhile for reference and sketching, you won't get the effects you see in some watercolors unless you use a quality watercolor paper. With good paper you can pool water and add rich pigment(s) and let the "majic" of the watercolor work. Just the primary colors (warm and cool primarys better) in profesional quality tube watercolors will make a difference as well. Good luck with your drawing and finding time for it. I think when an artist is happy with the work they do, you have a chance of becoming stuck... its an unending pursuit!

simplyred said...

What a wonderful post. It was speaking directly to me!! (And you don't even know me!) I have put off starting a sketch journal for so long. But it needed to be perfect - the perfect book, the perfect weather, the perfect amount of time, the perfect drawing. And none of those things happened. Perfection R Not Us. You've made me feel so much better just by knowing that someone else experiences the same kinds of feelings on inadequacy and needing perfection that I feel. You've got a lot to teach me and I'll be coming back often, both to see your beautiful artwork and to learn from your blogging.


Anetka said...

Thank you all for your comments:)
Joining EDM group was the best thing I could possibly do to start off again!!! THANK YOU ALL:)

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