Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Evening classes, thoughts

Yesteday – evening classes again. This time our model showed up – tough it’s another women. We were asked to paint with colors which might have nothing to do with real skin tones but to start using various colors to show the light and dark areas. It’s the most difficult task so far. No matter how much I try to do it, my mind is always there wanting to do it as I see it!!!!!
So here it is…my painting (oils on wood) after two hours of a battle with my brain, mind and eyes…not to mention my hand which does whatever my mind orders:)

Around two months ago I was looking on the internet for people like me interested in art and desperate to actually
start doing it!
I read this conversation between a group of young people (18 – 23 year old). The youngest one was looking for advise on which subject to choose…she loves drawing and painting, wantes to learn more on it, develop her skills.
So besides difficulties she would have to face to get to the Art Uni, there were other difficulties…people talking how hard it is to find a job in this field…art field…
There was one guy (lets call him…John) and what he said made all of them jump on him. He said that if she really wants it, if she really is "an artist" the only thing she should do is to follow this call. It doesn’t really matter
if she don’t get to her favorite Uni because if she wants to learn she can study any art collage or uni, as it’s not important what school or Uni she finishes, but it’s important for her to paint or draw. Period.
Now, you should see comments, on what he said – that she won’t find decent job if she finishes "wrong" Uni, there are much better prospects if she goes the RIGHT way.
Final question this GIRL asked John was:
If I will not get to my fav Art Uni where shall I apply? Law Uni, Economics Uni, etc.
No one even noticed her question…the meaning of it. Did You?
For them (apart from John) it’s not important that she carries on with painting, drawing…wherever, whichever uni…it’s not important that it might be her call, for them & herself what’s important is quarantee that after graduation, she has the job (even if she hates it) and money coming on her account.

Now, I am not saying that I don’t understand…I really do because I had to face similar difficulties in my life.
I have chosen economics school instead of art (couldn't really afford art school). But now with knowledge, experience and willingness to never let myslef down again, I am trying to follow my call.
What I am trying to say is how we see things, how we think…we want to have money, be rich, get a fortune, and when we already have it we wonder…what am I missing, why am I not happy?
There are different ways to go through life...but success and money seem to be the only option here.
Maybe because our society is brought up on commercials, advertisements, telling you how to live, what to wear, how to behave to be popular, what to do, what you mustn't do, what to drink, or eat. No wonder we feel trapped and unhappy. Modern society creates copies of "successful" people, army of people they can control by magazines, films, adverts – telling them it’s real life…
Well, sad thing is, that it is not. Real life and real you is what you carry inside and if you turn off the light at the end of the day, are you able to hear yourself, feel yourself, think what you’ve done during the day that really made happy not only you, but your loved ones? Do you feel peace or…or do you think…I have to put another anti-ageing cream to wake up 5 years younger…
The thing is…we all are getting older, no one is able to escape it, you can deny and go for another Botox and no one realizes that THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES YOU YOUNGER IS FINDING YOUR TRUE CALL AND FOLLOWING IT.
We seem to loose connection with ourselves…and people around us.


Just because said...

Wonderful observations. Sadly, not many will take heed of it. It is why people are strung out on drugs, sex, alcohol, pornography, and are in general, depressed. People are looking for happiness everywhere where it can't be found.

We've all been taught that you just grow up and get a good job. No one talks about discovering the talents you have been gifted with by God. Could you imagine a world where people used their God-given talents? How much more happiness there would be if people did work that they were born to do. Instead, we think we are successful if we work in finance or business and make lots of money. The drug companies love it because they can sell more anti-depressents, sleep aids, and anti-anxiety medications! And no, most people don't understand and will take the pain with them to the grave.

What a gift of beauty to this world if artists followed their call instead of their pocket books. May God grants us the courage to overcome our own private demons and fears.


seesue said...

Such a thoughtful blog. I'm enjoying reading as well as viewing your talent. Excellent work!

Quilt Knit said...

Yes, this was very painful for me. I have won art awards since before first grade. I made Phi Theta Kappa, I have an AAS in technical graphics before the big Website building days, I finally got to the school that laughed at me by going to the Tech school which was # 4 or 5 in the country and it was not 3 years old.
I have the Art degree, but the main thing- I did not see it mentioned here. You have to endear yourself to your teachers so that they will not come up to you- and say (teacher lived on a island, younger than me) You need to take time out of school and develop your imagination! What? Becareful what you wish for! I am glad I went there. I am Glad they laughed at my Highschool portflio, It was mainly CPS, Yeah! Colored Pencil work before it meant something to be proficient in for creating art. They still laugh at that Portflio. I am proud of my work. It was what I could afford, the down side was learning my teacher a well known local artist was setting me up for such a fall. I was a MOM the second time and recommended by the Tech school. I was sharing a cigar with my sons and it was the last really great time I had with my Mother. She could still walk, very slowly, where were We running too? No where. A beautiful night on the Mississippi during the Month of May and that all week long BarB Que. I cherish the three graduations that night. Two college degrees and a High School. I have had worked only one time with my art - It was as technical writer and I had to do photos of very technical work. It was for a company that builds engines. I had fun. Now, My art is going to be for me, I am in the controlling seat.
I understand your post - and your brain and hand problem. You will get past. It is like someone whispering in your ear- I told you NO! I told you not that way! Your going down the wrong path.
I love your work, Try using the hand that is not dominate, scare your brain. Try it! I promise a Revolution. Thanks posting at my site.
I apologize for the long post.

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