Tuesday, 11 March 2008


that’s my copy of a drawing I found in one of drawing books (cannot remember the title now), beautiful clouds, and really good way to practice negative spaces for me.
I've had the most lazy weekend ever, just sleeping and watching Ally McBeal Season 4…I think the first one was the best but it doesn’t stop me from watching it over and over again, specially when the weather is bad, and it was…cold, windy and this rain…the worst part is that it doesn’t rain straight down but horizontal so no umbrella is going to help you.
I was supposed to do some drawings and "update" my sketchbook…but the more spare time I’ve got, the less it is in reality.
Can anyone suggest a schedule? How do you do it that you find time…any suggestions??? Please????
I got myself another book "the decorated journal" by Gwen Diehn - cannot wait to start using some of the ideas, some pages look amazing!!!


Just because said...

Ah, see? I am of 100% Polish descent which may explain our similar drawings! I am working on disciplining myself to work first thing in the morning. Working with The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, The Creative License by Danny Gregory, and The Creative Journal by Lucia Capacchione. Yes, more than I can chew. But it gives me much fuel for the day.

Mark (Marek?)

Anetka said...

I've done Julia Cameron The Artist's Way but I really don't know how you manage 3 books!!!!!! at one time!!!!!! TAW is really time consuming...but hey...there is nothing difficult for someone who wants and works on disciplining himself:)
Good Luck Mark. BTW I still do my Morning Pages every day.:) Keep me posted on YOUR ARTIST WAY:)

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