Friday, 28 March 2008


I started writing. Moaning, moaning, moaning...I hate it. So I will not moan from now on. I am not allowed to. I will do something about things I don't like and that's it! If I don't do anything with something I don't like - that means I agree to it, to have it in my life the way it is!!!
So, yesterday I've almost finished a sketch and started another one.
I couldn't really finish it without looking at the house. The green areas seem so flat, I cannot differentiate the bushes, trees so the background is coming to foreground and it's all mixed. But really looks this way, so I am not gonna change it just to make it "look right".

I might take a picture of this house and compare it at home with my sketch, it might clarify a few things for me.
I was so focused on wanting to sketch outdoors that I forgot that there is also something like sketching indoors…Bad weather has done the damage. But now since I’ve realized (!!!) I am back on the roll!:)
I've lost the only opportunity to sketch a nice scene. Two bikes (vintage type) tided up to the tree!!! It was so lovely to look at it, it almost felt like this old romance movies:) so I was planning to sketch it. But guess what? Yesterday on my way home I've noticed they are not there any longer!!!
Next time Anetka -don't think (please), take your sketchbook out and sketch!!!

I hope I've learnt my lesson.
Seize the day!


Alan said...

I like the way you have done this so stop moaning...It is very colorful and with the contrasts in colors let the mind of the viewer do its work. As for thinking...I find it is highly overrated. Makes my brain hurt. Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

peachtreeart said...

I tried reading your journal, only to see it is in a different language. :) But I appreciate the trees so all was not lost

Anetka said...

Alan, thanks for putting me straight. Sometimes I 4get what's really important and that not everyone sees and thinks like me:))

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