Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Pouring rain and broken umbrellas on every corner of the street. That's how I looked on Monday...when the wind broke my umbrella, mind you there was no point in keeping it over my head anyway. Wind - 65 miles/hr...
I went through main titles in new book I got...some tips-prompts might be helpful for daily sketches:
  • divide a page into nine squares. Practice seeing accurately with words and drawings.
  • choose a plot of land. visit it daily. capture its changes.
  • use your non-dominant hand to write the answer to a difficult question....
  • fill a page with words. allow no white space. change your handwriting for this occassion.
  • use a singe image, written or drawn. repeat its pattern.
  • write your life story in 250 words, exactly. then draw pictures.
  • devote several pages in the journal to rooms. draw and write about your living space.
that will be helpful when you are stuck and don't know what to draw...:)
the second drawing I haven't finished - that's my spaghetti and I was just a little bit too hungry - btw my Man was even more hungry so...forget it:) it's in my stomach now:)

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