Monday, 17 March 2008

Last Friday I was on my way home from work, and something happened. I smelt the fire, you know the one you lit up on your trip out in the forest when you want to make jacket potatos in ashes and grilled sausage..suddenly I wasn’t on the bus anymore, but in the forest as a child with my causins and friends…playing, picking up dry wood to lit up a fire. What I remember is adventure, play, lightness of these days.
Do you remember this feeling??
Maybe because everyone seems to be so busy, running, chasing best deals, best jobs, best careers, climbing up the ladder of success. The other day I was thinking about it – every time I meet my friends they seem so….occupied by what they have to do, should do in order to have better future. I used to be like that, and what I remember is that it feels like addiction. More, more, more…better, better, better…always wanting to be ahead, not in present tense. Never satisfied with what I had.
When I was a kid it didn’t matter where I was going to be the next day (apart from holidays at my Grandma - countryside, harvest, adventurex]), but what I was doing now was the most important.
Was it that bad? And if it was…why is it the best time I remember and...time that I DO REMEMBER with all details small and soooo unimportant.
I am going to move back to my flat soon so I’ve decided to draw all details from my present flat where I am currently living. If I don’t do it…I will forget so many small and sooo unimportant details
This drawing - another WIP...our current living room which is also our bedroom:) view from the bed, right after I opened my eyes on Saturday morning. Still to be finished.


Lisalou said...

So well said and beautifully depicted! Keep are a delight!

Alan said...

There are so many things that I missed growing up and are starting to come to me as I get older. I spent too much of my life in busyness that I didn't really take time. Since I started sketching, I a notice that I am seeing in new ways. Another nice sketch to go with wonderful words.

Just because said...

Please, please, please! How do you get your colors to behave that way? Is it watercolor? Oh how I wish to be a color master!


thermion7 said...

Very nice!
Just by looking at the thumbnail sized image, I could tell that the composition and contrast in this sketch were very good! Clicking in for a closer look did not let me down!

Anetka said...

Mark, I am using really tiny, small brush that I carry with me in a small watercolor box. I am trying to shade with colors, the same thing that you do with pencil...adding more water, sometimes just a tiny drop...:)

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