Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Gone with the...snow:)

Freezing cold...trapped almost everyone at home this Easter. Falling snow reminded me of Poland and beautiful winters I was lucky to experience at my hometown. Oh God, how I miss it sometimes - white mountains and temp. -15C, hats, scarfs, gloves which my grandma used to knitt for us.
So trapped at home I've done some sketches, some of them require adding color...Yesterday, trying to sketch I've realized I had so much hassle with proportions that it was just unbelievable! Put me off for a while, but after hour or so I came back to the drawing.
I added some colors on my last WIP sketch...somehow I cannot finish it in one go.

It's really hard to draw when I don't really feel like drawing.

Lazy days...lazy me:)

so most of the time I looked like this lady with my eyes on tv screen...
shame on me:) and now Easter Break is gone and the snow is gone...maybe finally Spring will arrive.


Anonymous said...

I like the bottom sketch, very characteristic. I want to use a similar sketch for my novel when it is ready for publication.

Dee said...

These are delightful sketches. I'm really enjoying your blog!

Margaret Ann said...

Your work shows a free and creative hand...just delightful...Nice job!

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