Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Evening Classes

I really didn't feel like going to my evening classes last night - portrait painting & drawing. The only thing I felt like doing was just staying at home and cooking a nice meal. But MY MAN said to me go, he even came earlier from work just to drive me to college:)
so there I was, "forced" to do the thing I love doing - paint:)
Our model called off sick so we were stucked and had to paint each others faces which after few months of professional model posing, was a good experience and nice change.
I am posting my painting today. Oils on wooden board.
On weekend I was sitting in waiting room in Vision Express, there was a woman waiting for her husband and daughter...I took out my sketchbook and started doing some sketches. Later on I heard that some people don't really like being sketched (does this word exist?) and might feel uncomfortable. I know that...this woman at the beginning didn't look like she enjoy it, but later I can bet she was courious what I was drawing.
The thing is, I wouldn't show it to her as it didn't come out "nice" and then dissappointment would be devastating more for me than for her.
But hey...I was brave enough to do a little sketch in public..practice, practice:)


takinanap said...

thanks for your post about not wanting to go to painting class. my class is tonight and i am trying to find excuses not to go...why? i love every minute of the class. ok, so i will go even if i have to drag my supplies in the rain.

Scarlett said...

Oh, I love this women, it is a very nice sketch. I enjoy very much the unusual faces that show character.

Just because said...

I want to meet this lady! She looks like some English royalty. Maybe she left her crown at home??

Brushworker said...

Hi-Great drawing. And I like your comment about the world looking better thru a sketchbook.

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