Tuesday, 19 February 2008

My first post.

I have created this blog for my own discipline...

My motto...progress not perfection. It's really difficult and I have to repeat it to myself at least three times a day. I've learnt, that if something is not good enough for me it doesn't have any value, it's worthless, so I am going to prove myself that I don't have to be perfect and my work doesn't have to be as well, to enable me to live...and create.

Let's wait and see:)

I've got a motivation - my own blog:)


Just because said...

Great attitude! Be sure to live it EVERYDAY... you can do it.

Lisalou said...

You and I have this in common-striving for progress not perfection. The loose and loose sketches are helping me to accept imperfections! Looking forward to visiting you often-I will add you to my blog roll.
p.s. Coehlo has just been recommended to me-have you read the Alchemist?

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